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Dr. Taseer A. Rangrez

Strategic Alliances & Collaborations
Business Outreach Programs

Experiential Spaces & Immersive Buildings

An acclaimed collaborator, motivator and a business incubator with a proven track record of 18 working years
& over 25,000 hours of corporate training's excelling in new business development, strategic alliances and marketing outreach programs in global IoT, Connected Communities, Experiential Spaces & Immersive Building Technologies Infrastructure industry operations with particular achievements in EMEA markets.


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Highly Skilled & Professional

“A highly skilled and professional sales manager who always has the customer's interest in mind, but understands the delicate balance of serving the customer and the organization. He was instrumental in the establishment of our off-shore lead generation team, and played a key role in developing and implementing cold call scripts, KPIs, processes and procedures. His work continues to directly contribute to our revenue increases as our company grows and evolves.”

Ernst & Young Global

Executive Director